Daughter of the Dinosaur Doctor

“Daaaaaad..” The petulant tone and elongated syllable, all too familiar a convention between father and child, wound around the corner of the lounge sofa where he lay slumped, submissive to the day’s fatigue.   “Yeeeees?” The Father replied, aping his daughter’s nevertheless effective means of ingratiating. A single pair of eyelids slunk away reluctantly from their … More Daughter of the Dinosaur Doctor

Board & Digital Games Comparison: Chess & Total War Series

Introduction   Recreational activities have abetted civil interest in war for centuries; allowing participation of the principles and stratagems for both casual curiosity and professional exercise. Possibly the oldest known variety of the many interpretations, known as chess harks back to an Indian ancestor of approximately 280 AD named Chatrang and shatranj in Old Persian and … More Board & Digital Games Comparison: Chess & Total War Series

A Beautiful Inheritance

    A deep-seated frown squatted upon a young woman’s brow as she stared outward from her veranda. A frown which bespoke her disapproval. Miss Aglaé was often discontented however. Thus ascertaining quite what had spoiled her mood was often a difficult conundrum. Something which the haute couturist from yesterday struggled to come to grips … More A Beautiful Inheritance

The Fallen King

   Shouts and screams, once so vivid now fell on a hushed silence in the alley where he lay. The once glorified king struggled to comprehend his surroundings. Men fell about him like petals in an autumn storm, writhing and destitute to their fate. A helmed face tumbled into his little world, landing heavily in … More The Fallen King

Dating Sim: Unabridged First Interaction With Isabel [Not Publicised]

Author’s Comment: I have never had cause – nor inclination – to write romantic fiction, or anything akin to what this project calls for. Thus, it was an interesting first experience to say the least. THIRD ACT: GROCERY SHOPPING. ISABEL OPTION Having yet to really gain a proper taste of her personality, my curiosity decides … More Dating Sim: Unabridged First Interaction With Isabel [Not Publicised]