Interim: Game Script

SCENE 1 – SCRIPT: [EXT: BACK GARDEN OF ARUN & SAMNANG’S GROUND-FLOOR APARTMENT – AFTERNOON]. SAMNANG is perched upon the back of a child’s yellow, plastic garden chair. With veiled eyes she watches her brother’s breathless antics. Across from her taut frame, stumbling about on short and skinny legs, ARUN is chasing a butterfly about … More Interim: Game Script

Gameplay & Mechanics Analysis: Guild Wars 2

The current playable world is the continent known as Tyria; a sprawling land mass consisting of humid jungles, grassy plains, barren scrubland, snow-capped peaks, temperate forests and sunken fragments of dead civilizations. Vibrant colours are used in settings of prominence to lend beauty to the surroundings, a beauty that the player is made to feel … More Gameplay & Mechanics Analysis: Guild Wars 2

Understanding Creative Media Audiences: TERA

  Having been developed by an eastern firm – Bluehole Studio – TERA launched in Korea and Japan initially, on the 25th of January and the 18th of August 2011, respectively. The reception was generally positive; discordant waves only formed upon its arrival on western shores. Reviewing bodies gave the title a lukewarm reception, with … More Understanding Creative Media Audiences: TERA