Extra Curricular

*** Dunno why I forgot about this one – also seminar work. This is an attempt at multi-genre, hopefully incorporating elements of sci-fi, low-fantasy, anti-hero.. and some other things I forget. See if you can spot them.   The first strokes of sunlight bled through the dark horizon outside of the windows, painting a complexion … More Extra Curricular

Master of The Castle

**The latest piece as part of my Creative Writing module; a study in the historical fiction genre, specifically action/historical fiction. This is the unedited original, without cuts having been made to fit under the word limit.   The city state of Udine had known relative little peace in it’s time and had only persisted as … More Master of The Castle

Kliea & Edith #2

So, what I did not mention in the last edition, was that this series is an exercise in different genres. Using the dynamic of mine and my friend’s D&D characters as a basis, each week I will experiment with a different format but in the same setting with the same pair of lovely ladies. This … More Kliea & Edith #2

Kliea & Edith

In the growing night, a woman stalked through the outskirts of a village. From her poise alone one could ascertain that the sleepy hamlet she now found herself in, was not her home. Yet she had clearly graced these grounds before, as she traced a direct path without pause. Still, her head darted about nervously, … More Kliea & Edith

Fi Fye Fast Food Foe

*Can’t believe I’d forgotten about this thing. Originally written in 2012, as requested in the visceral style of UK comedian, writer and presenter Charlie Brooker. I advise against reading if you’re fond of fast food and have a delicate sensibility.   If the price of a healthy diet comes up to more than 99p, you’d … More Fi Fye Fast Food Foe