Master of The Castle

**The latest piece as part of my Creative Writing module; a study in the historical fiction genre, specifically action/historical fiction. This is the unedited original, without cuts having been made to fit under the word limit.   The city state of Udine had known relative little peace in it’s time and had only persisted as … More Master of The Castle

TEXTUAL ANALYSIS: Identity in Guild Wars 2

  Introduction   Launched in August of 2012, Guild Wars 2 was heralded as a second coming amongst the MMORPG clique, brimming with innovation set to refresh the entire genre. [1] Whilst hyperbole was undoubtedly afoot, the game proved a reasonable success and a large part of this was owed to an understanding of the significance … More TEXTUAL ANALYSIS: Identity in Guild Wars 2


The stars above stared on indifferently and the moon cast dappled tendrils of silver light through the gloom, illuminating the tumult below. Amidst the dusty sands of ancient kings, murder was abound. Murder by ambition’s crimson decree. The cool twilight air twitched with a brittle tension as small bands of  legionaries, their links of armour … More Caesarian

Daughter of the Dinosaur Doctor

“Daaaaaad..” The petulant tone and elongated syllable, all too familiar a convention between father and child, wound around the corner of the lounge sofa where he lay slumped, submissive to the day’s fatigue.   “Yeeeees?” The Father replied, aping his daughter’s nevertheless effective means of ingratiating. A single pair of eyelids slunk away reluctantly from their … More Daughter of the Dinosaur Doctor

Board & Digital Games Comparison: Chess & Total War Series

Introduction   Recreational activities have abetted civil interest in war for centuries; allowing participation of the principles and stratagems for both casual curiosity and professional exercise. Possibly the oldest known variety of the many interpretations, known as chess harks back to an Indian ancestor of approximately 280 AD named Chatrang and shatranj in Old Persian and … More Board & Digital Games Comparison: Chess & Total War Series